Say goodbye to plastic
We transform physical cards into a sustainable digital experience

Your users will always carry their ID card on their mobile phone inside the Apple Wallet or Passwallet for Android


Why IDenge

Las tarjetas IDenge siempre van contigo, como tu móvil.
Always available

Nobody leaves their smart phone at home, so members will never forget their card and you can make it appear automatically when you arrive at a location.

Más valor añadido al promocionar beneficios
More associated value

Promote the benefits of membership, with information, messages and personalized offers for each user.

Ahorra tiempo y dinero con las tarjetas IDenge
Save time and money

Design your cards in minutes and save the cost of trying to print, and send physical cards. And correct remotely possible errors at no cost.

Divulga tus mensajes con mensajes push o avisos al llegar a una ubincación
Disclose your messages

Send instant messages to your members at no additional cost and they will receive it in the palm of their hand

No es necesario el contacto físico. Compártelas con tu código QR.
No physical contact

You access your card faster and you should not have physical contact with third parties, since it uses the camera or QR code

Salva el planeta diciendo adiós al plástico con las tarjetas IDEnge
Save the planet

Say goodbye to paper, plastic, ink and shipments. Reduce your carbon footprint and respect the environment.

"IDenge has been very useful for our customers, through it they can access their information with a click on their phone, without the need for cumbersome keys or codes. As a company, it is a very practical means to engage with customers in a very accessible way."
Rocio, from Pr1merotusalud / Fircap Seguros
'With IDenge our customers can register comfortably by reading a QR code and instantly downloading their personalized digital card to be part of our membership program.'
Jahaira, from Cinemas
'Our experience with IDenge has been fantastic from day one. We needed a virtual membership card solution for our paddle club and the solution they offer is simple, fast and, at the same time, fulfilled everything we were looking for. Since then, we can register new partners in less than 1 minute and edit the fields we want with just one click. Highly recommended.'
Marcos, from Padel Cañaveral
'The experience with IDenge is excellent. It has allowed us to offer our students the student card in digital format, a comfortable, practical, modern, fully functional solution committed to the environment and sustainability.'
Ricardo, from EAE Business School
'The accreditation management platform is very intuitive, reliable, allows you to update the data immediately and has the necessary flexibility for the design of the cards, something very important to take care of and share the brand image with our students.'
Ricardo, from Ostelea
'Idenge has made it as easy as possible for us to administer and manage our subscribers' cards. It is a saving in printing and sending cards and also in our time. We no longer have a problem with lost or expired cards. Now everyone has it on their mobile and always up to date, and they can present it at any time when asked. In addition, we can communicate with them through the digital card and personalize it every year with minimal effort.'
José Luis, from 13 Golf Cub

Those who use Idenge

Look at all the possible applications for Idenge digital cards and discover a new channel of communication with your customers and users

Aumenta la lealtad con tus clientes y miembros con las tarjetas y pases digitales de IDenge, cuidando el medio ambiente


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