IDenge cards for

Educational centers

Advantages for your Institution

Generate revenue through card sponsorship for a specific period, particular events, or special days.

Reduce costs both for the card and the process of issuing and registering students. Forget about replacing lost cards!

Use their digital card as a new channel for direct and instant communication through push notifications or upon arriving at the educational center.

Modify the data on the cards in real time, without reissuing physical IDs. Add all the information you want on the back, either global or personalized.

Reduce your ecological footprint by completely eliminating plastic from physical IDs.

Advantages for your members & associates

Your students are glued to their mobile phones, so they will always have their identification with them, non-transferable to other students.

Try it for free now and start saving time and money

Maximize the engagement and loyalty of your customers, save money and help save the planet by eliminating plastic cards with IDenge.