API Documentation


API Documentation

Base URL

The base URL for Idenge endpoints is https://idenge.com/api


Any API call needs to be Authenticated using APIKEY and APISECRET Headers.

Both keys are available in the Profile section.

Error Handling

Error  Code Description
401    Request is not authenticated. APIKEY or APISECRET are missing or incorrect
404    Resource does not exist
400    Error validating data. Check message in response for further information.


Model to identify the Cardholders


Name     Type          Description
_idMongoDB ObjectIDIdentifies the UsernameStringUser's nameemailStringUser's email. doesn't allow duplicates.phoneStringUser's phonestatusStringOne of [null, "installed", "uninstalled", "deleted"]passObjectIdentifies the User's Pass if any.emailSentBooleanTrue if the "download pass" email has been sentcustomImageStringURL for a different user pass image. Used for promotions.dataObject1 level Key-Value Object for custom data. Key corresponds with the field IDexternalIdStringUsed for identify the user with a 3rd party platformcreatedAtDateThe date when the user was createdupdatedAtDateThe date when the user was last updatedpassLastUpdatedDateThe date when the user's pass was last updatedcustomerMongoDB ObjectIDIdentifies the User's Customer (your Idenge account)referalMongoDB ObjectIDIdentifies the User's Referal if any.

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