Digital Loyalty Card for Cinemas and Theaters

An innovative solution that is changing the way cinemas and theatres interact with their members: IDenge’s digital membership software.

Why a digital membership card?

Plastic membership cards are a thing of the past. Not only are they costly and environmentally unfriendly, but they can also be inconvenient for members who have to carry them around all the time. With our software, cinema and theatre owners can replace these plastic cards with a digital card that members can carry in their iPhone wallet or Android equivalent.

Benefits for cinema and theatre owners

Our software not only saves costs by eliminating the need to produce plastic cards, but it is also sustainable, helping cinemas and theatres reduce their carbon footprint. But the benefits don’t end there. With our software, cinema and theatre owners can:

  • Communicate directly with members: Our software allows you to send push notifications directly to the members’ mobile phone. This means you can inform your members about upcoming premieres, special events, or schedule changes quickly and efficiently.
  • Offer personalized promotions: With our software, you can offer personalized promotions and discounts to your members, incentivizing their loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.
  • Correctly identify members: Our software allows for quick and accurate identification of members, facilitating access to membership benefits.

Benefits for members

For members, our software offers the convenience of carrying their membership card on their mobile phone, eliminating the need to carry a plastic card. In addition, by receiving push notifications and personalized promotions, members stay informed and benefit from special offers.

In summary, IDenge’s digital membership software offers an efficient, eco-friendly, and convenient solution for both cinema and theatre owners and their members. If you are a cinema or theatre owner and want to know more about how our software can benefit you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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