Loyalty card  for animal care centers

Loyalty Card for Animal Care Centers

In the digital age, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience and optimize their operations. Digital membership cards have become an essential tool for businesses, including animal care centers. In this context, IDenge offers a digital membership solution that is transforming the way businesses interact with their members.

What is IDenge?

IDenge is a software that allows business owners to replace plastic club cards with a digital card. This digital card can be carried in the wallet of an iPhone or its Android equivalent.

Advantages of IDenge for Veterinary Centers

Cost Savings

The use of digital membership cards can generate significant cost savings. By eliminating the need to produce, distribute, and replace plastic cards, animal care centers can reduce their operating expenses.


By opting for digital membership cards, animal care centers are also making an ecological choice. By eliminating the use of plastic cards, we are contributing to reducing the production of plastic waste, which is beneficial for the environment.

Direct Communication

With IDenge, animal care centers can communicate directly with their members through push notifications on their mobile phones. This allows animal care centers to send appointment reminders, special promotions, and other relevant information directly to their members’ devices.

Correct Identification of Members

Digital membership cards also facilitate the correct identification of members. This can be especially useful in animal care centers, where the correct identification of pet owners is essential.

Reasonable Price

Despite all these advantages, IDenge offers its software at a more reasonable price.

In summary, IDenge offers a digital membership solution that not only improves customer experience but also helps animal care centers optimize their operations and be more sustainable. If you are the owner of a animal care center and are looking for ways to improve your service, we invite you to discover the advantages of IDenge.

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