Maximize the engagement and interaction with your customers through the digital card

A digital card meets the identification needs by being able to save or display fields that identify the cardholder such as their name, customer or member number, the expiration date of the card and even a personalized photo.

But in addition, a digital card hosted in virtual Wallets allows us to maintain constant contact with our users and cardholders. I can't talk to a plastic card, can I? but to a mobile device yes.

Discover in this post what are these possibilities of engagement that will improve your retention and loyalty of customers and partners:

1. Data update

Every time we update an identification of the card, the user receives a message on their phone or cell phone in such a way that we always keep our customers alert about changes to their card.

2. Makeover in dates

We can schedule the central image of the card to change during a specific day, such as the user's anniversary or when the card expires. During that day we can show a congratulatory or warning image along with a promotion or reminder for the user.

3. Push Notifications

Sending Push messages is a formidable way to interact with card users, send promotions, congratulations or reminders of important information. Push messages have a high open rate and are more effective than, for example, emails. In this other post we help you to make those messages as effective as possible.

4. Change of promotion image

We can also change the central image of the card for a certain period from one day and time to another day and time. Ideal for launching promotions or messages of festivities or special days (Black Friday)

5. Geolocation

The platform allows you to schedule a specific message to be displayed on users' mobile devices when they are close to a specific address. This address must be on Google Maps.

6. Registration by QR code

The idenge platform provides them with a QR code that can be printed on a display, a poster on the wall and that when read allows users to download a temporary digital card. You will receive an email with the data to be able to contact this user and convert him into a customer or partner and remotely update the card with the remaining identification data.

7. Digital recommendation

We can insert a field in the card that allows the user to invite other people to uncard a temporary card. The database registers who has invited who and can reward the viralization of their card.

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