Four reasons why you need to boost your Brand's mobile experience

According to Statista, there are currently 3.5 billion smartphone users. As of this year, in January, there were 4.18 billion unique mobile Internet users as well. Mobile phones are convenient and allow users to get any information they need instantly. They are also a significant means through which the world's population communicates with each other.

There is no doubt that the mobile platform will continue to be important in the future and the number of transactions that happen online will grow. As a business owner, it is important to make sure that your brand experience on mobile devices is in excellent shape.

The way people experience your brand on their smartphones can affect your brand image. Let's dig in and see why you should consider making mobile interactions a priority for your brand:

1. Most brand interactions are on mobile devices.

People today spend more time on their phones and tablets than on any other device. This means that twice as many brand experiences occur on mobile devices than anywhere else, including TV, retail stores and any other platform, according to a Google study of more than 2,000 smartphone owners. Google research also found that your audience is less likely to recommend your brand or buy in the future if they have a bad mobile experience.

2. Smartphones affect productivity.

The use of a phone allows you to do things quickly, which gives people a sense of accomplishment. From my point of view, creating a website optimized for mobile devices or an application that helps users achieve their goals could help increase their sense of well-being. You can create a positive partnership with your brand that ultimately generates more commitment.

To begin, and after asking for permission, provide users with automatic notifications that let them know that there is new content available on your application or site.

3. Good experiences make users come back.

If you have a site optimized for mobile devices, customers are more likely to return. You can create this ease of use by taking advantage of the user experience and the principles of the user interface when creating your mobile site. For example, make sure that your text content is readable using larger fonts and structuring your text. You can also add larger and more appropriate touch screen sizes so that people can easily navigate your website.

4. You can take advantage of image and video content.

More than half of all mobile brand experiences occur through videos and images. Videos and images are easy to consume on mobile devices. Text-based publications can fatigue the eyes and are not always easy to consume for a long period of time. Be sure to take advantage of more visual content to improve your consumers' mobile experience with your brand.

I believe that providing your audience with a good mobile experience will increase users' trust in you because it shows that you are paying attention to detail. It will also support your audience by facilitating their daily activities, thus improving their productivity and helping them feel more satisfied. Now that we have analyzed why mobile experiences are important, start thinking about how you will improve your brand's mobile experience.

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Four reasons why you need to boost mobile brand experiences

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