How to open WhatsApp from a digital card in the Wallet

It can be very convenient that you want your customers or members to be able to connect with your company or organization through the Whastapp application. Find out how to do it through this post and how they can connect with you without knowing your WhatsApp number:

To do this, follow the following steps:

1. Enter the platform in the My card area / back card

2. Enter the Links area

3. Create a new link with the Title you want (for example: Connect with our Whatsapp)

4. Copy in the url:

5. Change the numbers for the phone that has the desired active WhatsApp account (with country number in front)

6. Publish the changes

Now the user by clicking on the link of the card will open the Whatapp in the desired account..

This functionality can be very useful for assistance or customer service services

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