Learn the 10 key points or advantages of digitizing your partner or membership program

Physical plastic cards and paper vouchers or promotional tickets are becoming obsolete, there are technologies at your disposal such as our platform www.idenge.com that allow you to digitize that card or Card and overcome the discomforts inherent in the physical world such as not carrying the card or voucher with you, or not being able to check updated information at the moment with a single click.

It's obvious, isn't it? a plastic card or paper cannot communicate nor can it show the information at the moment. All this is possible with the digital cards that are located in the Wallets of mobile phones, which allow a series of communication features that entail greater interaction with partners or members.

In this post we detail the main features and benefits of these digital cards:

Digital cards placed in a Mobile Wallet such as the Apple Wallet or Passwallet for android are a great improvement when it comes to interacting with our partners, students, members ... because they allow us, unlike a plastic card or a paper, to digitize the entire process of creating, delivering, supporting and updating a digital card:

1) Updated information:

Any card data can be changed remotely and updated on the card, that allows you to have a card that is always updated with important information for the bearer as well as facilitating the correction of any error in any of the fields such as the user's name, without the need to cancel or resend any card.‍

2) Updated images

The images of the card can also be changed temporarily to accommodate possibilities of sponsorship of the card by third-party companies or suppliers in such a way that that new image is shown for the desired time.

3) Sending by email or message

Tired of sending cards by mail? or to have a person dedicated to classifying and delivering the cards? With digital cards they can be sent with a single click to the email of their users or by Whastapp or text message

4) Remote cancellation or renewal

It is not necessary to reprint cards every time a user renews their relationship with their company or organization. We can change the expiration date in a matter of seconds and keep the same valid card. In the event that a card expires and is not automatically renewed, an expired message appears on the card and the Barcode or QR Code is degraded.

5) Interactive links

A digital card allows you to host links that can be clickable by the user; and we are not just talking about links to a specific website but also links to cloud documents such as google docs or dropbox or even links to communication via Whatsapp as detailed in this other article.

6) Static or variable data

Through our platform you can locate fields on the card that are the same for all users (for example, contact data, general information ...) or data that are unique for each user, that is, that is variable information linked to the user database.

7) Real-time identity verification

There is a feature on our platform that allows a third person to read the QR Code of the user's card and tell you if that user is registered in the system or if your card is expired. We can also configure which fields we want to be displayed in the verification process.

8) Registration of users by QR Code

In an easy and intuitive way you can print a QR Code on a Display placed in your establishment that allows users reading that QR to start the registration process and receive a provisional card. You will receive a message with that user's information so that you can complete your registration and update your card with the relevant data

9) Connectivity with your system

If you want user information, your data, the registration process or information to be displayed on the card that comes from your system or ERP no problem, you can connect via API. You can also, for example, register cards and send them from your own website once the member's or member's payment process is completed.

10) Push Notifications

Communicate with your customers, members or partners with direct push notifications to the mobile phone. Just filter and select the desired users, write the message and send it.

There are many advantages of digitising your partner or member system and many companies and organisations are adopting Wallet cards because it allows you to easily and efficiently establish a new way of interacting without having to develop your own APP which also makes it much more profitable formula.

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