Why could Covid 19 speed up the replacement of our wallets with our phones?

"We love this kind of problem," said Apple CEO Tim Cook, when introducing Apple Pay in 2014. "It's exactly what Apple does best."

When the coronavirus pandemic finally recedes and we can rejoin society, many of us will go through our ritual personal check-up before leaving to make sure we have our keys and phone. What we may not need is our wallet.

Apple, Google, Samsung, Facebook, Amazon and many others are in the middle of a great effort to take charge of our finances. The utopian paradise they promise would finally end up with wallets and wallets full of money and plastic. Instead, there would be a number of applications such as Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. For many of these companies, it's just a matter of time.

Six years later, we are closer than ever to Apple's vision. All major credit cards work with digital wallets from Apple, Google and Samsung. Air tickets also do it. More than 15% of all Starbucks orders come from phones now, the company said in January. Governments around the world are also slowly preparing to offer driver's licenses on our phones.

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Coronavirus could help tech companies replace our wallets with our phones

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